Terri, (pictured left with her sister Susan) walked into the old Franklin Village Boutique one winter day and immediately had a vision and a passion to take it over and make it a destination shop for women of all ages. So that is just what she did!

In June, 2015, Terri took ownership of this charming space and has created the perfect, cozy, fashionable shopping spot just for you. The wonderful boutique staff will greet you with a warm welcome and will help you find the perfect outfit and accessories. If you’re shopping for another, the Franklin Village Boutique is packed with unique and delightful items that will make gift giving a pleasure.

Don’t be surprised if you see Frankie the cat wandering around. Terri found him outside the store and adopted him as the store mascot. The whole staff feeds him, cares for him and has even set up a small shelter behind the store so he will be warm this winter. 

Terri and the girls are here to help you anytime and look forward to seeing you!


About Terri:

In the menu above, you will see ‘Terri’s Blog’….prior to coming to the Franklin Village Boutique, Terri spent 30 years as a teacher coach and cheer camp owner! As an off-shoot of her previous career, she continues to work as a professional development/motivational speaker and blogger! Her blog, tccwarmregards (www.tccwarmregards.com) reflects her expertise and work with teachers, coaches and parents – and highlights the ups and downs of friendships, leading and parenting (in fact, her parenting through the years of her teenaged son, Ben). Take a look!